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Howdy, Y’all!!

Welcome to the home page of my website.  I am very pleased that you are here and hope you continue on this journey alongside me.  Make sure you check back often as it’s still under construction.

Past to Present

I have spent the past 30+ years learning some hard life lessons and I will keep learning.  I’ve spent my life around livestock and a few of those years I had no animals and was miserable.  So this new journey, of course, will include lots of animals.

Now this journey is about me of course, but mostly about how I proceed.  I’m not just talking about the success of self-sufficiency.  The good and the bad will on this website.  So fair warning some of these posts could make you squeamish and maybe cry or hell some may just plain piss you off.  But that’s okay because that’s probably what I’ve gone through.

I don’t care what disability I may have, it is not going to keep me down.  I have too much love and patience that I will not waste it sitting around feeling sorry for myself.  So strap your spurs on and saddle up it could be a wild ride.

Website & Blogs

I love to write and well I haven’t been writing in years, so this website will give me the opportunity to brush up on my skills as well as chronical my journey of homesteading and self-sufficiency.

I’ve dabbled with writing and research over the years and due to recent life lessons and health concerns I’ve decided to start the homesteading journey.  You may ask why homesteading.  That is a good question that I will let you in on my reasoning as I go.

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